Why Qube it?

Most UV light disinfecting machines largely fall into one of two categories: large and expensive, or cheap and ineffective. Qube it delivers quality and safety in a perfect size that provides excellent value for your business or organization. Here are just a few of the reasons Qube it is the number one choice for your disinfecting needs:

UVC Pathogen Kill Rates:

Based on scientific data

COVID 19 – 99.9999%*
Hepatitis A – 99.99%
Hepatitis C – 99.9999%*
E-coli – 99.9999%*
Influenza – 99.9%
C-Diff – 99%
MRSA – 99.99%
Coxsackievirus – 99.999%
Polio – 99.99%
Pseudomonas – 99.999%
Rotovirus – 99.99%
Staph Aureus – 99.9999%*
Salmonella – 99.9999%*


It Actually Works and Fast.

Qube it™ was designed to function effectively and efficiently as a 360 degree full-coverage chamber, disinfecting objects in 2 minutes. Its high quality build is the result of attention to detail ensuring Qube it™ works exactly as it should, quickly and safely.

There are plenty of UV disinfecting devices in the market right now, but not all are created to the same exacting specifications and fabricated with the same quality components as Qube it. There are many UV light products out there that are not effective at killing germs on hard surfaces, giving their users a false sense of security. 

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Backed By Science

UVC’s germicidal effects have been studied by scientists since 1877, with the first overhead UV systems used in hospitals as early as 1936. With over a century of scientific research backing it up, UVC radiation can effectively reduce the spread of pathogens, including many transmissible diseases like the Coronavirus. This is because direct exposure to UVC radiation will effectively “inactivate” bacteria and viruses. So long as a surface is not blocked, UVC is proven to disinfect hard surfaces.

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Safe and Effective

UVC light is what makes Qube it so perfect for disinfecting your tools of the trade or your everyday objects. But skin and eyes exposed to UVC light can experience irritation, so the Qube it chamber is fully enclosed. It is designed to ensure that the operator has no UVC light exposure during the disinfection process. As an extra precaution, Qube it will not function unless its door is closed and locked, in order to ensure there is absolutely no human exposure to harmful UVC rays.

Excellent Value

For the price of a flat screen TV, you get a powerful UVC disinfection chamber that’s built to last. Even for industries where disinfection isn’t mandatory, having Qube it on site tells your staff you care about them, it tells your clients you are ready to do business safely and it can help reduce downtime due to illness. Until now safe and effective disinfection was out of reach for many, but Qube it brings it within reach.

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Versatile and Accessible

Full coverage sterilization is something you won’t find in your average consumer grade UV disinfection device. While Qube it is a medical grade device, non-professionals can also purchase it to reap the benefits as well. The average consumer won’t see disinfecting like this from other options on the market. Qube it is also incredibly easy to service, and you can replace its bulbs yourself. For professionals, Qube it delivers the quality and safety of larger, more expensive units in a compact and convenient size.

It’s the Environmental Choice

Single use products are one way that people have tried to stay safe when handling objects during COVID-19 and for germ management in general. Unfortunately, single use products result in that much more waste. With Qube it, you can eliminate waste by disinfecting many everyday tools in just 2 minutes. UVC is an environmentally friendly, time saving method of disinfection that doesn’t produce chemical by-products or the waste of other methods. No need to keep buying and throwing away objects, think green with Qube it!

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