Disinfection for all Industries

Qube it makes medical grade disinfection accessible and affordable for all industries. There are many ways Qube it can benefit your business, regardless of the industry you’re in. Having a UV disinfection chamber in your workplace benefits not only you, but also your employees and visitors.

In these times of COVID-19, it’s important to feel like your items are germ-free, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Qube it. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, Qube it will remain an incredibly important tool during cold and flu season.

Here are a few examples of non-medical industries that can benefit from Qube it.


Education and Childcare

Schools and Childcare Centres know all too well how quickly and easily germs and pathogens can spread to numbers of people. By helping break the cycle of transmission, Qube it can make children, staff and students safer and less likely to experience downtime and absences. Plus having a “Qube it on Premises” sticker speaks volumes about how your organization approaches health and safety in the new normal.

Use Qube it to disinfect classroom supplies, gym equipment, laptops, educational tools, and more. Educators will once again be able to handle student projects and other shared materials with confidence.

Keep A Clean Store

Qube it is not only a great way to disinfect products that see frequent handling, but it’s also a great way to attract customers. Instead of hiding Qube it in your back room, showcase it in your main store area, Visitors will love coming to your store when they know you have Qube it available for public use.

You can use Qube it to disinfect items like POS machines, keyboards, cash, pricing and tagging tools, nametags, keys and key cards, and more. Customers and other guests will marvel at the ability to disinfect their phones, wallets, and anything else they may have on hand while in your retail space.

Beauty and Personal Care

Sterilizing your tools is already an everyday procedure in your salon or spa. Qube itcan help speed up the process by disinfecting multiple items at once. Clients will feel safe knowing that your tools were put into a Qube it chamber before use. Qube it can be used to disinfect scissors, razors, nail care tools, containers, hair dryers, combs and brushes, heat tools, and more. Your clients will also enjoy being able to disinfect their phones before and after their visit.

Disinfect Your Home

Who said Qube it needs to be a business-only machine? Qube it is perfect for your home. Disinfect plenty of shared items like remotes, laptops, tools, gaming controllers, and more. Qube it is a great way to ensure everyone in your household is doing their part to keep items free of germs, and makes for an impressive home feature when visitors come over.

The Qube it will support institutions from both the private and public sector in helping all of us return to a safe new normal.

Andy Gagné

HBKin., MEd. Principal, West Ferris Intermediate/Secondary School

We are relieved that the Qube it will allow us the ability to safely disinfect our microphones, props and headsets during and at the end of each performance. The Qube it is a game changer for the theatre industry.
Jack Jones

Chair, Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre Board of Directors

The Qube it is an ingenious, affordable device that disinfects and inactivates bacteria and viruses like COVID-19.
Dr. Derrick Yates


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