UV Qube it

$2,497.00 CAD

Qube it™ is a medical-grade UVC disinfection device.

Qube it™ is a medical-grade UVC disinfection device.
Using high-intensity ultraviolet light, this powerful chamber inactivates germs on the objects and tools your family, staff, clients and coworkers touch everyday. Chemical free, and no harmful waste!

2 minute disinfection, 360 degree coverage, 18” frame, and UVC technology are what makes the Qube it™ chamber so effective. Qube it™ is the perfect addition to your workplace, office, school, hotel, spa, store, healthcare centre, or entertainment space. Qube it™ is the size of the average microwave, and can be placed in your staff room, lunch room, board room, reception area – basically anywhere that is most convenient and beneficial to your usage. Compared to large industrial UVC disinfection devices, Qube it™ is the affordable disinfection solution that you can trust to continuously protect against bacteria and viruses like Covid-19.

Qube it™ is completely safe, and will provide peace of mind to anyone who interacts with your tools and equipment. Qube it™ will change your disinfecting process forever.